Rules of reservation

1. Time of renting house is minimum one week

2. Customers uses houses are committed to keep this rules

3. Customer took a house in Saturday on 16.00, Owner took a house on 10.00 in departure day.

4. In houses are prohibition to smoke cigarettes. The Owner may impose the Customer a penalty of 50 Euros, which is getting from deposit.

5. Owner don’t took payments for parking. Parking is allowed in designated places from Owner. 

6. Owner don’t took extra payments for animals, but Customer should clean after his animal. If irregularities are detected, the Owner may imose the Customer a penalty of 25 Euros.

7. The Owner isn’t responsible for items, left by the Customer in rented property.

8. During a Guest holiday, the Owner enters to house only in their presence.

9. If the Customer reserves the holiday, the Owner collects a deposit of 40% of the rental cost. If the Owner receiving a bank transfer, he blocking the date of the holiday for the Customer.

10. Deposit is return in all if reservation is cancelled 3 mounths faster as holiday come.

11. The Owner took a deposit only as bank transfer.

12. In arrives day Owner gets deposit for extra payments (ie. house cleaning, city payments, water and electricity) in amount Magnolia-140Euro; Krokus-160Euro.

13. Payments for water and electricity is by couter and meter.

14. Renting of bikes and bout is only weekly rental – all time of holiday.

15. The Owner picked up the property, checking a technical and visual condition of it.

16. The Customer reports all problems in arrival day. Before the Customer comes Owner took a photos of  house technical condition. In Novasol reservation – company cover damages to 135Euros, in private reservation the Customer cover himself. 

The regulations is started from 31.05.2018.