Fishing License

If you are in our region, it’s a most important thing what you have do. Lakes administrator (jez. Nowowarpieńskie and Zalew Szczeciński) is Okręgowy Inspektorat Rybołóstwa Morskiego w Szczecinie. If you want to fishing, you should made a payment for his bank account.

What should I do?

Step one. Select option of fishing license.

You can select options of fishing license. Under is table of fishing license costs.

1 week – in polish: 1 tydzień7 PLN
1 mouth – in polish: 1 miesiąc11 PLN
1 year – in polish: 1 rok43 PLN

Step two. Made a money transfer by ours bank account or post office in Nowe Warpno

If you choosen, now go to post office. Nearly post office is situated in Nowe Warpno, ul. Kościuszki 7. Its open in Monday- 13.00-20.00 and from Wednesday to Friday – 9.30 – 16.30. In Saturday and Sunday its closed. Get from there, blank form looking like photo under and write all informations like on photo. Next option it’s made a money transfer by yours internet account.

Better choice is made it in home before you come. You have remember that, the fishing license is started from day of payment so if you made a payment example in Monday (first available day of your holiday – post office is closed in weekends), you had a license from Monday.

So better is buy it faster in home for whole the mouth, it’s only 1 Euro difference. So send this 11 PLN for this data:

Account holder: Okręgowy Inspektorat Rybołówstwa Morskiego w Szczecinie

Number of account: PL 02 1010 1599 0518 4222 3100 0000

Invoice: example 11 PLN – 1 mouth

In title, please wrote: Name and Surname of Angler, address of rented house and polish sentence: “Opłata za wykonywanie rybołówstwa rekreacyjnego – 1 miesiąc” (that’s mean: Payment for recreation fishing – 1 mouth; for 1 week wrote 1 tydzień).

Print it and get it with fisher ID to fishing! Thats all.

For our Guests we prepare a ready writed form to post office:

– holiday in “Magnolia” – time of license is 1 mouth – [Get a pdf file…]

– holiday in “Magnolia” – time of license is 1 week – [Get a pdf file…]

– holiday in “Krokus” – time of license is 1 mouth – [Get a pdf file…]

– holiday in “Krokus” – time of license is 1 week – [Get a pdf file…]